Digitalist wins German Design Award

Digitalist has won the prestigious German Design Award German Design Award for our very own Co-creature, a story that describes us as a company in horror magazine format! Rat für Formgebung jury's opinion:

"The idea of conducting the presentation in the form of a fantastic Creature Comic was executed to a high artistic standard, arousing curiosity and a lot of fun to watch. Creative, appealing and brave – and unique. Brilliant!"

The purpose of the Co-creature is to explain and present what we are working on. A key component of our work is co-creation, taking advantage of each other internally and externally to make progress. One way of explaining something abstract is to tell a story. Why not a monster story? Why not a love story? Why not both? With the help of essays from classic monster stories, we took on the challenge of telling about Digitalist and how we work, in fiction.

If you are interested in co-creation, monsters, chemtrails, San Francisco, comic books (or just about anything) then this is for you! The story is written by Matts Hildén at Digitalist, and drawn by Ola Skogäng and Rebecka Helmersson.

Download the magazine here or order physical copies, contact us via the form below!

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