​​Our top 10 stories in Strategy, Design and Technology for 2021

The moment of truth has arrived. 

For more than 25 years, Digitalist (an international digital agency with core competencies in Design, Strategy, and Technology) has continued to kick, live, and thrive by solving real problems real humans and businesses face daily in every industry. As we continue to assess how disruptive technologies and design affect our world of tomorrow, here is a look back at our most outstanding initiatives that got shared the most this year based on data analytics. 

Whether you are seeking technical expertise on scaling your business, escaping into the latest tech in the automotive industry, or unfolding the layers involved in a true digital transformation, we've got you covered. Across Stockholm, Helsinki and Vancouver, here are the top 10 trending projects and stories of 2021. This year our stories are filled with how companies like Honda, Posti, and Absolut are partnering with us to transform their customer experience and create a positive impact for the future.

Drumroll, please!

10. The beauty of Design Systems

Design Systems seem to be everywhere, and they are. At a time when technology is accelerating, Designs Systems play an increasingly important role in simplifying and scaling complex systems, as well as shaping our future. We see Design Systems as a single source of truth for building a cross-collaborative brand-driven digital experience. If you have ever been curious about what is involved in creating a design system, look no further. This exclusive blog breaks down exactly how to use one at your company and how to get started.

9. Pairing meaningful architecture with meaningful digital experiences

The Bosa Properties development projects speak for themselves. A project like "Fifteen Fifteen" (one of their latest, most talked-about structures composed of gorgeous cubic volumes) is a testament to their unique vision and craft when designing forward-thinking experiences. But Bosa's design vision goes beyond architectural features.

Check out this case study to learn how Bosa Properties—Canada's premium real estate development company, enhances the homeowner experience by digitizing its home management system. 

And to bring this vision to life, Digitalist North America partnered with Bosa Properties to help create a customer portal and design system that would unify and progress their operation and continue to support the premium brand experience they were after in their digital offering. 

It is about Digital Transformation for everyday spaces.

8. Honda e is beyond adorable

Perhaps you have been mesmerized by the Honda e's unique shape. It certainly does not look like any other vehicle out there in the electric car market. But a car like the Honda e invites us all to look a little deeper. As you peer inside, you cannot help but notice a futuristic, mega-wide digital dashboard that assists your every move. Relish in the lounge-like interior and a suite of in-vehicle apps. 

The Honda e is an example of innovation that goes beyond brand, aesthetics and fancy leather seats. It is an initiative that demonstrates how the car of tomorrow should be as it thinks beyond aesthetics and considers how all elements come together holistically to provide the best customer experience. 

Not just adorable. Meet the Honda e.

7. Time to move mountains with an Award-winning sports watch

Here is a a project and podcast that will surely fuel your lifestyle and love for adventure! 

Over the years, our Helsinki studio has worked alongside Antti Kujala and Suunto's multi-disciplinary team to support the app and design for an award-winning sports watch. 

Antti Kujala (previously the Director of Design at Amer Sports and the Global Head of Design at Suunto, now the Head of User Experience at Bang & Olufsen) has provided valuable business insights in some of our podcasts. In this podcast, Antti Kujala offers critical insights on finding digital assets that drive revenue, integrating design thinking in top-level strategy, and embracing experimentation when looking for business change.

Time to move mountains, wouldn't you agree?

6. Goodbye vanity metrics

Today, too many vanity metrics are hugely prevalent on social media platforms, making our experience and interaction less authentic.

Welcome to ari, a new shopping experience focussing on the products and brands people love, creating a safe environment for shoppers to express themselves freely and share a more authentic self - a stark contrast to individuals paid to promote a brand. Sounds too good to be true? Check out the case study here.

Our App Development and Data Science team at Digitalist North America has been working with ari to build a scalable mobile ecosystem that will continue to elevate the social shopping experience. 

5. Digiccino 2091: A sci-fi UX/UI challenge

Ready for a good sci-fi story? Digiccino is an ultra-light mini-series set in 2091, with two primary goals in mind.

  1. To challenge our readers what they think they may know about UX/UI.
  2. To induce our readers into a state of UX-comatose.

Set in an absurd and strange future in which humans can now consume food in a digital format, the story revolves around Alexa, our protagonist, and her interactions with a new electronic cafe called Digiccino (a cafe with over 1000+ options).

As Alexa weaves in and out of Digiccino's website, email, app, social media channels, the challenge is to assess how these various digital touchpoints attract and retain customers like Alexa. 

The series concludes with a mega-blog of UX/UI tips, tricks and best practices, something you won't want to miss. 

4. Snail mail has taken on a whole new meaning

Call it snail mail, personal letters, or carrier pigeons, if you will. The postal industry seems like a business from the days of yore, but far from true with Posti Group Oyj, a company with a 400-year old legacy.

Posti Group Oyj, a leading postal and logistics service company in Finland, collaborates on exciting initiatives with Digitalist Group Plc + Infosys

To combat employee churn, Posti and Digitalist Group Plc created "The Route Master," a gamification experience that is fun and individualized, designed to cultivate skill, retain top talent, and facilitate operational efficiency and modern engagement models. By placing employees in the driver's seat, Posti is building trust, a new way to work and designing an exemplary culture for the delivery workers of tomorrow.

At number 4, this case study shows how reinvention is still possible for companies with an incredible and massive legacy. Check it out here.

3. Humans

If you have ever been curious about who the masterminds are behind our projects, look no further. Our "Meet Human Series" take you behind the scenes so that you can get to know the brains behind the products and services we create. Our readers seem to love it, and we do too! Sitting at our top 3, we couldn't be more proud to show off our talent. 

Meet Jussi!

Meet Christie!

2. Enter MAN—branding for the spirit of Nordic legends

Imagine a brave and fateful story of three brothers' violent journey, where they fight and put their brotherhood to the ultimate test. As they uncover the mysteries of the Nordic forest and form the ultimate warrior potion, they prove their worth for entry into the eternal community of Valhalla, a place to fight and feast, a glorious afterlife for the fearless.

In this project: Our partnering studio, Grow, developed a concept called "Brotherhood" to conjure this mysterious dark herb liqueur to life. Valhalla, after all, is no ordinary liqueur.

Are you drawn to the mysteries of this bottle and the story of Norse mythology? Check out the case study!

Want to see more? Watch the legend come to life: Valhalla - Spirit of Nordic Legends - Full version

1. Absolut. The spirit of the future

It seems like many consumers are shifting their lifestyle to sustainable living. According to the report by Trivium Packaging, 67% of consumers identify themselves as environmentally aware, and the majority of respondents said that they would pay a premium for sustainable packaging. 

As we move far away from a throwaway culture and transition into a more mindful movement, our number one story showcases how one of the most iconic brands achieves sustainable status.

The word on the street: The Absolut Company is disrupting the consumer market and re-imagining one of their most iconic silhouettes. Our partnering studio, Grow, works with Absolut to introduce a renewable, recyclable and biodegradable bottle that is 100% sustainably sourced wood fibre.

Check out this story if you want to learn more about how an iconic influencer is redefining the cultural phenomenons of tomorrow, a feel-good story you won't want to miss. 

There is more than meets the eye.

At Digitalist, we dig deep into a problem; there is always more than meets the eye, and we continuously discover layers yet to be revealed. We have helped businesses digitize, transform, reinvent, visualize, strategize, and heighten their competitive advantage throughout the years. 

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