LeanLab is your co-creation and insights platform that helps connect your business to your customers.

The Ultimate Co-Creation Hub

LeanLab is a visual and engaging virtual co-creation hub for your customers. With just a few clicks, you can invite your customers to have a say in your different development activities across your digital, marketing, product and service teams. With this working style, you can invite your customers seamlessly to play an active role throughout your design and innovation journey from start to finish.


Engage in authentic dialogue with your customers in a safe digital environment, globally and in real-time.


Through in-depth customer connection, co-create and design better operations, products, services and communications.


Be data and customer-driven; discover new customer value opportunities and innovate to future proof your business.

Get started in just a few simple steps!

  1. Set up and invite
    Set up your private and branded community and invite your customers and employees - from 100 to 100,000 members.
  2. Engage and co-create
    Through regular weekly or monthly activities, understand, ideate, conceptualize and validate with your community.
  3. Act on your insights
    Quickly capture key insights through real-time reporting and analysis tools, share them with your colleagues and swing them into action.

Co-Creation Essentials

LeanLab is the 'Swiss army knife' for designers and CX professionals to get precise answers to different business questions and challenges. With the platform, you can create online discussions, one-to-one chats, diaries, surveys, photos, videos, A/B tests, and more; this helps you capture your customer's ideas, thoughts, feedback and have access to valuable data in one place.

Community facilitation is made easy.

From the LeanLab admin dashboard, you can efficiently orchestrate your LeanLab customer community. In the dashboard, design different activities for different people in the community, invite your colleagues in the business to join the discussions and keep track of the community activity to see who is active and who is falling behind. What's more, you can quickly remind and re-invite people back in the loop by setting up automated messages.

Real-time reporting and shared dashboards

Visual data is exportable for further analysis in SPSS, Tableau, Google studio.

React outside your community

Embed links on your email, website, or third-party panel providers so that you can connect with customers outside of your community 

Multi-language support

Run any community or activity in multiple languages to connect closer with YOUR people.

Safe and GDPR compliant

We anonymize the data for extra privacy so that your customers can feel safe and secure.

API connections to export/import data

Custom API set-ups allow you to import/export data between your CRM, ERP and BI systems.

LeanLab has worked with companies like Spotify, Finnair, and MTV. LeanLab is part of Digitalist Group; a company focused on digital customer experience innovation with more than 200 insight, design, tech and innovation experts across studios in North America, London, Stockholm and Helsinki.

Please get in touch with our team to realize your power of Co!