Artificial Intelligence

We put artificial intelligence at your fingertips.

Artificial intelligence is changing the way business is done, driven by breakthroughs in predictive analytics, computer vision and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Digitalist AI can help you adopt this essential, challenging technology, so you can focus on delivering value to your customers. We provide:

  • ASSESSMENT - Every ML solution begins with an assessment of your business objectives and technology readiness, so we can plan a way forward with confidence. 
  • DATA - Good data is the foundation of any AI project. We can develop and quality assure your data pipeline, and take care of labelling and data creation as needed.
  • RESEARCH - Our R&D team becomes your R&D team. 
  • DEVELOPMENT - We develop the solution you need, whether that's an off the shelf implementation or a customized solution.
  • DEPLOYMENT - Once ready, we deploy at scale, through the cloud and across devices. Our world-class design team ensures that the UX and process surrounding your ML technology is adopted and enjoyed by internal and external stakeholders alike.

We provide support and monitoring at all stages, continually redeploy and update models as needed, and ensure your technology continues to drive maximum value.

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