Digital Strategy

Everything we do is based on insight about intended users and target groups. 

We offer you:

  • AN EXTENSIVE DIGITAL STRATEGY TOOLBOX - to draw from before we even start building a service. This includes design sprints, work-flow studies, stakeholder interviews, on-screen recordings, external monitoring and trend analysis.
  • PRINCIPLED METRICS & EXPERIMENTS - are crucial to measuring real improvement. We build a solid foundation for a quantitative process through lab prototyping, and run A/B tests at monitoring and testing intervals during follow-up. 
  • A SOLID STRATEGY - an investment that saves you money over the long term. Your strategy should determine how to attract the right traffic to your site, how to work with content and services and how to organize your work internally with content suppliers. It also needs to be aligned with the overall marketing or communication plan.

Whether you need an initial consultation, strategy talk, sprint workshop or just a discussion over coffee, we’re ready to help you develop your digital stategy.

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