Creating a Customer Portal and Design System for Bosa Properties
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Creating a Customer Portal and Design System for Bosa Properties


Bosa Properties, part of the Bosa Family of Companies, is a premium Real Estate Development company. With a goal to enhance its digital offerings that align with the quality and integrity of its homes and premium brand, Bosa partnered with Digitalist to create an innovative digital homeowner experience powered by a design system that ensures a strong brand presence across its digital channels.


Bosa’s property development companies, Bosa Properties and BlueSky Properties, wanted to provide its homeowners with a customer portal to access information and services related to their homes through a personalized, branded, and custom-tailored online experience.

This portal’s services would be expanded over time and would eventually support all companies under the Bosa group. Each had its own unique brand, and all came with a reputation of quality, integrity and innovation, qualities the online experience needed to reflect as well.


Digitalist designed, architected, and developed a customer portal, providing homeowners, tenants, and property managers a single place to manage their homes through their web and mobile devices. Users could look up their home information, submit warranty requests, and engage with Bosa’s Customer Care team. By using a modular architecture and design, the portal could be expanded over time.

To power the user experience, branding, and visual design of this portal, Digitalist worked in close collaboration with Bosa to create the Bosa Design System, a single source of truth for building a collaborative brand-driven digital experience. It is a system that brings together the aesthetics and experiences Bosa values in their brand, one that unifies, progresses, and enhances its operation and purpose. The system consists of a design language and principles, style guide, and a React-based component library for two of its brands, Bosa Properties and BlueSky Properties. This Design System and the Portal's innovative architecture allows Bosa to use this same Portal platform across its family of companies while each still delivering its own unique branded experience. The extendability and customizable nature of this solution maximizes its value and return on investment. 

Looking to the future, Bosa is now empowered with this Design System to create new digital solutions with consistently enriched user experiences for its brands, with lower design and development costs and faster time to market.

If you are curious about Customer Portals,  Design Systems or other ways in which Digitalist can help future-proof your business to build long-term value, feel free to speak to Marty Banting marty.banting@digitalistgroup.comdirectly.