Face Recognition Anti-Spoof
case study

Face Recognition Anti-Spoof


A major nordic bank wanted to take their payment technology to the next level. The partnered with Digitalist to develop the technology they needed.


The company wanted a mobile, facial recognition-based payment system, complete with a proprietary hardware solution. Facial recognition is a powerful way to make payments secure, but isn't without its limits. We were asked to help.


Digitalist sourced hardware components for the mobile platform, and developed a proprietary deep learning-based facial recognition anti-spoof system. Our system effectively prevents numerous types of facial recognition spoof attacks. The pilot project was a success. The platform provides a secure mobile payment solution, and reduces transaction time significantly versus other payment options.

We continue to work on many exciting initiatives! If you are intrigued to learn more or collaborate with us, feel free to contact Marty Banting marty.banting@digitalistgroup.com directly.